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Video installation
Video (HD, 08:10 min., loop, color, sound)
Rudel (typical Spreewald paddle, plinth, mirror, 400 cm  x 50 cm x 50 cm)

A boat trip leads us through the dark channels of the Spreewald woodlands. The camera slides gently between trees, which gradually take shape, like sculptures, out of the darkness.
A light source reveals only parts of the scenery rolling by, where background and foreground become strongly distinguished from each other, as in a Japanese woodcut, where the depth of an image is indicated by overlays.
Image and soundscape build up, so that details of the surrounding become slowly visible.
Woodland is a journey. On one hand it’s a physical one, where the viewer moves gently between the trees; on the other hand, a spiritual one, as for the artist, it is a journey home - a film about her place of origin, showing us at the same time, how difficult it is to reflect on Germany as „homeland“.