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Pristine #1

Film (work in progress)
Super8-film (05:36 min., color)

In its original format, Pristine comprises of underwater shots of Silfra a body of water found in a crevice that has been created by the drifting apart of the North American and the Eurasian continental plate. The glacial water has been filtered over centuries, making it exceptionally clear. However with each dive, a human contamination takes place, affecting the visibility for future generations.
Like the water in Silfra, Pristine takes on the acoustic and visual contaminations of each exhibition. The location is recorded using Ektachrome film, which amplifies the blue color of the water. The work is in an iterative state of flux. During each showing of the work in an space, a new version will be recorded inside the space, capturing not only the original film but also visual and acoustic interferences from its exhibition. This version will be the version shown in the next space. A recursive loop is formed. Thus the contaminations of the previous showings are captured in the most recent video.

Text: Maria Dabow / Dan Meththananda
Dive instructors: Kevin Martin & David Ramsay
Camera assistant: Claudia Hausfeld, Henriette Artz


Pristine #2

Video (work in progress)
HD (05:41 min., color, sound)
An evening of storytelling with David Ncube and the super8-film screening of Pristine #1 at Stummfilmkino Delphi (silent film cinema, Berlin).
Sound recording: Christian Obermaier


Reykjavik, March 28th

My dearest friend,

I want to share something with you. I want to tell you about this incredible place I can never forget. A place that’s nestled deep in my heart.
Well, first let me go back to my teenage years, when I visited the castles of King Ludwig II. Deep into my memory sank the story that had been told during my visit of the Venus Grotto at Linderhof: The king was longing for the most beautiful blue to be used as lighting for the Grotto - a blue equal to the cave on Capri. He sent out his court employees, so they could tell him after their return about the perfect capri blue.
Over and over again they tried to comply with his demands for an even bluer blue; over and over again the king denied the ornate work and urged for further search; he never felt satisfaction in any result.

When I sank into the icy water between two continental plates, I was reminded of this story again. There it was: the spectrum of light refraction, that drove the court employees to madness. There it lay before me in a deserted crevice, the water so crystal clear that I believed to be floating. I could see for miles through the canyon and in front of me there it was...


Pristine #3

Video (work in progress)
HD (05:47 min., color, sound)
Pristine #2 has been screened and re-recorded within the group show High Tide with Maria Dabow, Sascha Hundorff, Sebastian Omatsch and Hanna Schaich at Westgermany, Berlin.
Sound recording: Christoph Rothmeier

Pristine #4

Video (work in progress)
HD (06:06 min., color, sound)
Pristine #3 has been screened and re-recorded within the sound based group exhibition Unerhörte Räume at Kunsthalle am Hamburger Platz.
Sound recording: Klaas Hübner