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3-channel video projection (11:18 min., loop, color, sound)
Projection size variable

In the video "I Suck my Tongue in Remembrance of You", two people, intertwined, slide into seemingly affectionate hugs across the floor. As the choreography accelerates, the initial affection turns to violence.
Through closeups of gestures and facial expressions, the camera reveals details that would escape a viewer in a stage setting. The screens of the three-channel projection isolate each performer. The result is a sequence of movements of the common and the individual. The color of the video is reserved and are merely the different characters of wooden floor, skin, hair and clothing. The clay forms a composition of noises caused by the two bodies.

(text: Maria Dabow; translation: Dan Meththananda)


Choreography: Lea Vendelbo Petersen
Dance: Lea Vendelbo Peterson, Marie Bergby Handeland
Sound: Christian Obermaier, Kristian Ross
Camera & Light: Alexander Schmalz, Luciano Cervio
Color correction: Florian Stärk
Set assistent: Katharina Quecke