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Super8-film HD-transferred (06:53 min., black / w and color)
Sound with excerpts from "Biography of Tadeo Isidoro Cruz 1829-1874“ by Jorge Luis Borges

“Brüh im Lichte dieses Glückes“ (burn in the light of this luck) is the name of Sarah Connor’s gaffe singing the German national anthem at the 2006 World Cup, it is a warning against trying to recreate the grandeur of an original in its history.
To copy is to move away from a point of origin, to try to preserve an original in its essence and also, through the faults of reproduction, to creation of an independent object.
A handtransferred Super8 film shows the plaster copies of ancient sculptures found in the collection of the Akademisches Kunstmuseum, Bonn.
A narration of Jorge Luis Borges’ ‘Biography of Tadeo Isidoro Cruz 1829-1874’ is woven between the images. The text by Borges recounts a man, who after many years, one night reaches an epiphany. Realising his true destiny, he returns to his starting point. The viewer experiences the protagonist’s journey home through the filmed sequences of Knidos, the ancient place of origin of these sculptures.

(text: Maria Dabow / Dan Meththananda)